Join us on ARCANE RADIO as your host and guide to the arcane LON STRICKLER welcomes CLAUDIA GRANGER to the studio, Join us in the LIVE SUPERCHAT to ask Claudia about her mediumship, meditation, and other masteries, her love of Sedona, or just to kick back and chat with the group. You won’t want to miss it!
Claudia is a psychic, medium, soul empath & regression therapist, who has the gift of seeing between the worlds since childhood. Trained in telepathy & guided meditations.
As a Synergetic Therapist and Reiki Master her focus is to be part or the end of all suffering. She loves to write children’s stories to empower the younger generation. As a Reincarnation and Synergetic Therapist she will help to release trauma in all areas of life and connections. She can see the colors of the electromagnetic field (the aura) of human beings, animals and trees. Her goal is to be the bridge from disharmony to harmony. Claudia's website can be found at
Claudia's EarthStar Talk YouTube channel
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