Joni Mayhan | Paranormal Investigator, Ghost Magnet and Author | Arcane Radio - Jan.29.2021

I welcome paranormal investigator and Author Joni Mayhan to Arcane Radio. Search for the darkest, scariest places on the planet, and that's where you'll probably find Joni. She's a seasoned paranormal investigator and the author of twenty paranormal books. Her newest book is ‘When Ghosts Are Near’. Her other books include the bestselling paranormal true story ‘Bones in the Basement: Surviving the S.K. Pierce Haunted Victorian Mansion,’ as well as ‘Signs of Spirits: When Loved Ones Visit.’ My favorite is ‘Hanover Haunting – The DeAnna Simpson Story’ which occurred in my hometown, and who I recently interviewed here on Arcane Radio. Joni also operates Haunted New Harmony Ghost Walks and Investigations in the town of New Harmony, Indiana, where she resides. Her intrigue regarding the unknown frequently leads her into dangerous situations, ones others often leave untouched. Joni has attended over three-hundred paranormal investigations, including many haunted hotspots such as Waverly Hills Sanitarium, Rolling Hills Asylum, Gettysburg, and the Lizzy Borden House. Check out her website:

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